Nude Church – First, a note from Felicity of FKK: The countdown begins only 14 days until Bare Year’s Eve! It’s that crazy time of year again.. “the vacations.” December is the kind of month where you blink and then it is January, fresh with colder temps and the understanding which you hardly thought about what your Fresh Year’s resolutions could be. Well we have one idea for you already: be naked more often. Do not forget you have a body there under all those winter layers, crying out for some air and admiration! ;) The best part is, you can begin this resolution at the minute the clock strikes midnight with us on December 31st, for Naked Year’s Eve! Get your tix here

To appease your unbridled anticipation of this nude occasion, I ‘ll be featuring guest blogs over the next few days from our Nude Year’s Eve patrons! In their own words they will talk about what they do nude (a variety of things) and how they’re involved with NYE 2012.
To begin, here is a private and thoughtful post from Isis Phoenix Sensual Shaman.
Nude Church
“I have been perusing my computer now, looking through old photo shoots of when I first began Naked Yoga and dared to bare my asana on high-rise buildings, on Gunnison Beach, on a third story roof in the meat-packing district, all in the name of freedom, celebration and love. As I sifted through more than three years of old photos, I was shocked at my really visceral response to them. Some quite literally took my breath away. At some point I recall being scared to look at photographs of myself practicing yoga nude, and so I hid them deep in the belly of the hard drive on my computer. But now, something made me appear and when I did, I saw such unmistakable beauty present in this practice that I was previously unavailable to completely witness.
Naked yoga has been among the most amazing and self-sustaining practices of my life. As a girl who holds space for this practice, naked yoga, more than anything else, has assisted me in moving beyond the body-image bullshit’ that’s accumulated throughout my life. This practice drops me into one-ness with my body, releasing the bully of the mind the and the judgment of the ego. The naked yoga practice has been a constant in my life for the previous three and a half years, a flowering perennial that continues to blossom, keep up and resurrect itself each year. Of course when I brought my movement to NYC, I was sure I was the first to trail blaze this movement. But sadly, I am reminded there’s no initial work, as there were already a few naked yoga circles going in NYC. One was a men’s group called Hot Nude Yoga in Chelsea that catered to mostly gay and bisexual men. Another was located in Brooklyn, male run and man attended, but enabled women. And then there was a group already led by a girl named Britt McMurray who’d taken over naked yoga courses from a woman named Wendy Tremaine. I collaborated with Britt for a short time until she left, and then started Phoenix Temple soon after to hold on-going classes for Nude Yoga. Out of the Phoenix Temple a powerful group of women began to instruct naked yoga. After a number of years I passed the torch on teaching group naked yoga classes, but continue to offer private sessions for those interested in investigating and incorporating their life-altering practice into their lives. cherished colleague and friend of mine who attended the first women-only naked yoga course I taught at the Phoenix Temple now has her own naked yoga movement that I’m really proud to support ( ).
As far as being naked in practice, not only has espousing my body unconditionally helped treat my own shame, but it’s made me more at ease in the world. I find there are so many more layers I need to work through when I attend a clothed yoga class not only layers of clothes but also of karma keeping me different from the expertise, and the yoga.
This practice has been so dear to me and the press has been coming and also, surprisingly full of grace. I’m amazed at how this practice transforms lives. Over the past five years, there has been a stunning lack of ill-intentioned individuals showing up to practice naked yoga. Most are earnest, nervous, with a desire and yearning to continue to unravel their own societal shame of conditioning. They are looking for a instant of stillness and liberty in the galloping pace of Fresh York City. Each time, I feel myself go into contraction around a pose in class, thinking, Oh my god, my butt is in the air, and I think I ‘ve a hemorrhoid from this cleanse I’ve been doing’ I Breathe, Release and Surrender. Ahhh. This practice has been my lifeblood. It’s always expanding, changing, and growing and I adore it.