Nude Run And My Struggles With Body Image

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Naked Run and Body Image:
Nude Run – For years I fought with my own body image. I spent nearly half my life dealing with issues concerning my appearance and self worth. Obviously, I ‘d eating disorders that stemmed from those issues too.
The notion of being naked in public never really appealed to me. If I couldn’t accept myself for what I looked like and who I was (under my clothes), how could I expect anyone else to?
But the conceptual notion of naturism had always intrigued me on some level. It appeared like it’d be an extremely freeing (and quite courageous) expertise. Anyone who could discard all the cloth and textile materials that concealed their body from others had to be incredibly comfortable within their own skin. So I assured myself that someday, when I ‘d be stronger and more accepting of myself, I’d give naturism a try.
It took a long time, and several false starts. But then the day really came and I was prepared to be brave! A couple of years earlier I had heard about the Yearly Sunny Buns Fun Naked Run that would occur in near me. It was just a mile run, through among the more heavily wooded parks and didn’t develop a large audience of nonparticipants. It seemed like a sensible place to take my clothing away and be naked in public for my first time.
Free the Nipple Movie Still Topfree Activists Running in NYC
In my experience, the thought of doing a naked run seemed much more enjoyable and enticing than simply hanging out at a bare BBQ or a naked pool party.
So I signed up for the Entertaining Naked Run and payed my entrance fee. I found that even if I got scared and bailed at the last moment, the cash really would not be going to squander (since it was a charity event). The day of the Naked Run started cloudy and gray but not awfully cold. I jumped in my vehicle and headed out to the park. I still wasn’t certain if I was going to be brave enough to do the occasion, but at least was courageous enough to show up.
Nude Run
To make a very long story short, I have to admit that I wasn’t able to strip all the way down that day at the Sunny Buns Fun Naked Run.
I must have looked freaked out because several women came over and started talking to me.
NYC Body Painting Day – Naked Models running to Times Square! Photo Credit: Luba Fayngersh
And I managed to take off most, but not quite all, of my clothes.
The Fun Naked Run was a tremendous step. Especially for someone like me, who has lived for so long frightened of her own skin. I haven’t been back to attempt an event again, but I am sure I will at some point. I met some awesome folks and had a one of a kind experience, and I enjoy carrying it out again. And this time Iwill strive for fully naked.
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