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Nudity and Online Censorship Issues:
Nudity and Censorship Online – Is the world of political correctness whirling unmanageable? Special interest and conservative groups are always using pressure on lawmakers and companies to decrease the things we can do or say on the web or in public. If we look at how censorship is being implemented, we’ll eventually discover what the driving force is that will determine if something is decent or indecent. While all these companies have establish guidelines it’s the execution and interpretation of these guidelines that may raise several eyebrows. This post will take a short look at what constitutes an unacceptable image or video on the net and why.
Nudity and Censorship Online
The problem of Nudity and Censorship Online
Is the human body actually pornographic? Why is violence acceptable while is bad?
Well, to answer this question we need to first take a long hard look at how pornography is advertised on the web. We all know the technique of using unique content and keywords to bring visitors to sites. As a result, words like naked, nudism and nudists are used by webmasters to sell and promote hard-core pornography. Many pornographic websites, while not about nudism, will still most likely be on the first or second page of search results. Webmasters have been using the terms to entice potential interested parties and therefore, have played a leading role in tarnishing the reputation and meaning of what nudism is.
The internet is still like the wild west when it comes to quality control. Much of the censorship that happens is unusual and arbitrary in nature. This inconsistency in implementing the censorship guidelines can drive many individuals and organizations crazy!
Let’s have a look at Facebook. The way that Facebook censors nudity for its 700 million users is strange to say the least. Images of mothers breastfeeding their infants are not permitted if nipples are showing (even partly). Male nipples are regarded as acceptable, but are cause for alarm. The dividing line between what exactly is considered acceptable and what’s pornographic is not clear.
Youtube is another excellent example. While Youtube claims to allow artistic nudity, they frequently will censor or de list videos of naked body painting and performance art that depicts nudity. While artwork and attractiveness might be debatable, there’s no doubt that body painting and dance are satisfactory and established art forms.
The internet is much the same to the early days of television in the USA. TV companies were very much aware of the risks of using anything risque. They were scared of disturbing the patrons. Why are some innocent things baneful while other, graphic and disturbing content is satisfactory? In one word – Cash!
The net, which is mostly American controlled, hasn’t really moved on from this small gain driven attitude. Internet companies make money from advertisers. For too long, this eternal fear of losing cash has beaten into people’s brains that nudity is just as poor as porn, and yet it is yet another reason why people can’t appear to differentiate between simple nudity and pornography. Had this not been the situation, we’d be seeing much more depictions of the nude body on mainstream websites and in the media in general.
The Google Empire is rapidly becoming the most powerful fiscal entity on the planet. Because they are so huge, they refuse to take the time to assess particular cases. Only since they are doing something that many might consider immoral, as long as the advertisers are happy, chances are that nothing will change.
At the end of the day, it’s common sense which tells us what is artistic or nonsexual nudity. While most will agree that an image of a breastfeeding mom isn’t sexual, Facebook is not going to change its policy as long as individuals are using their products and advertisers are spending cash. If Google and other on-line moguls feel an image or a video might slightly, possibly, somehow offend a sponsor, that’s reason enough for them to prohibit it.
Those are some of the issues why nudism is confronting so many censorship difficulties. As things seem today, the problem of nudity and censorship will unfortunately be here for awhile.
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